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Posted by: Lindholm Aug 11 2006, 08:47 PM
Any idea on when these will be available for purchase? I wanted to start making some word lists on my own but if I can buy them for $9.95 it will be worth it. Will they have examples of the type of words in the lists? I am primarly interested in the Math and Physics word lists. Be nice to get them before the new school year.

Posted by: eIFSC Support SR Aug 15 2006, 09:37 AM
Our latest projections shows that the Physics word lists will be available within the next couple weeks. Math is scheduled to release mid-to-late September. The word lists will contain all of the glossary terms included in the textbooks. They are typically organized by chapter.

Examples for the specific textbooks are not provided, but you can download free word lists at The textbook word lists will be very similar to the free word lists.

If you are using PuzzleView Plus you can add or delete words from the textbook word lists.

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