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Support KL
Posted: Aug 13 2003, 02:40 PM

Could you please give me an example of how a matching section should look for exam view so that the import utility will recognize and accept it?
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Support KL
Posted: Aug 13 2003, 02:41 PM

Below is a copy of the sample bank which is included with the EV Import Utility. If you have downloaded the EV Import Utility be sure to check out the help file. Included in the help is a sample .rtf.


Match each item with the correct statement below.
a. mutualism h. food web
b. biosphere i. food chain
c. ecology j. commensalism
d. community k. scavenger
e. decomposer l. heterotroph
f. parasitism m. trophic level
g. habitat n. autotroph

1. study of how living things relate to each other and to their environment
2. relationship between organisms in which both organisms benefit
3. network of interconnected food chains
4. relationship between organisms in which one organism benefits and the other is neither harmed nor benefited
5. layer of Earth that supports life
6. feeds on dead organisms
7. simple model for showing how matter and energy move through an ecosystem
8. group formed by several populations
9. manufactures food using energy from the sun or from chemical compounds
10. relationship between organisms in which one organism benefits at the expense of another
11. place where an organism spends its life
12. step in the passage of energy and matter through an ecosystem
13. obtains energy and nutrients from autotrophs
14. breaks down dead organisms

1. ANS: C DIF: B OBJ: 3-1
2. ANS: A DIF: B OBJ: 3-4
3. ANS: H DIF: B OBJ: 3-5
4. ANS: J DIF: B OBJ: 3-4
5. ANS: B DIF: B OBJ: 3-1
6. ANS: K DIF: B OBJ: 3-5
7. ANS: I DIF: B OBJ: 3-5
8. ANS: D DIF: B OBJ: 3-2
9. ANS: N DIF: B OBJ: 3-5
10. ANS: F DIF: B OBJ: 3-4
11. ANS: G DIF: B OBJ: 3-3
12. ANS: M DIF: B OBJ: 3-5
13. ANS: L DIF: B OBJ: 3-5
14. ANS: E DIF: B OBJ: 3-3
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