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Posted by: kimamac Sep 6 2005, 10:31 AM
When I am using CPS and I add a new file from ExamView 5 the new file is locked and won't engage in CPS. Is there anything that can fix this?

Posted by: Support KL Sep 6 2005, 01:34 PM
The CPS software is not yet compatible with version 5.0 question banks. I am told that CPS is planning on an October release of an update which is compatible with ExamView v. 5.0. Until then you would need to continue using version 4 of ExamView with CPS.

Posted by: TimFahlberg Sep 20 2005, 02:36 PM
I've found a workaround that's relatively simple. It will allow you to use many ExamView 5 question banks* and tests** with CPS. This is just meant to be a temporary fix until CPS 4.0 comes out with the ability to work seemlessly with ExamView 5.0.

By the way - this workaround was created by a huge ExamView fan and not someone at FSC so please don't ask FSC questions or for support if you use this method as it wouldn't be fair to them.

Here's what you do (and by the way - once you get the hang of doing this it will only take a minute to do this!):

1. Open an ExamView question bank in ExamView 5.
2. Export it as ExamView xml. (File - Export)
3. Use Wordpad or the free text/xml editor Araneae ( to open up the ExamView xml file you just created.
4. Edit the 2nd line which reads: <ExamView type='bank' platform='Windows' app-version='5.0.0'>. Change the "5.0.0" to "4.0.0". Save this changed file. The idea here is that we're going to try to "fool" ExamView 4 in a minute into thinking that it's opening an ExamView 4 question bank.
5. Open up ExamView 4 in the ExamView Question Bank Editor.
6. Import the ExamView xml file that you edited in step 4.
7. Choose Edit-Question Bank Title and copy the Question Bank Title.
8. Choose File-Save as and paste in the Question Bank Title that you just copied. Click Save.

Now you'll be able to use T/F and multiple choice questions with CPS IR keypads and also numeric response questions with CPS RF keypads.

* This method typically works unless the question bank uses some of the new features of ExamView 5 which include adding MC questions with more than 5 choices or any of the new dynamic questions features (like conditional equations). If you get an error message then you might take a quick look for question(s) that use these features and temporarily delete them and then try this process again.

** If you have an ExamView 5 test then you'll need to export it as an ExamView Question Bank before exporting it as ExamView xml.

Check out more ExamView resources including a wonderful book by my sister Linda (Dr. Linda Fahlberg-Stojanovska) "Using ExamView Pro in Math" here:

I hope this is helpful to you.

Tim Fahlberg
eInstruction Consultant
Pioneer of Whiteboard Movies - see

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