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Posted by: Greg Sheets Jul 20 2004, 04:15 PM
I have read that you can insert QuickTake into a PowerPoint Presentation. How would I go about doing this?

Posted by: Support KL Jul 20 2004, 04:19 PM
Yes you can launch QuickTake directly from PowerPoint and other applications:
To incorporate QuickTake with another application such as presentation software:
1. Follow the directions with that program to link to or run another program.
2. Choose qtake.exe as the application to run. To bypass the splash screen, place the file you want to use in the same directory as qtake.exe and call for it after qtake.exe in the command line.
EXAMPLE: Using QuickTake with Microsoft PowerPoint:
The following example will launch QuickTake and automatically open an ExamView XML file named “sample”: qtake.exe sample.xml
1. Place an ExamView file (.tst, .bnk, or .xml) in the QuickTake folder which is installed in the root of your hard drive (C:\QuickTake) unless you specified a different location during installation.
2. In a PowerPoint presentation, select the graphic or text that will be used to launch QuickTake.
3. Select Slide Show in the menu bar and choose Action Settings.
4. Choose Run program and enter the path to the QuickTake application (qtake.exe), substituting your file name for sample.xml in the example below.
5. Click the OK button

See attached image below.

Note: When you launch QuickTake, PowerPoint may display a message stating that some external files may contain viruses. This is a standard message that appears whenever an external application is launched from PowerPoint, and it does not mean that QuickTake is infected with a virus. Click Yes to launch QuickTake.

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