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> Cannot Assign The Same Online Test To Multiple Classes
Posted: Apr 19 2010, 10:13 PM

I have two classes, I would like both to be able to access the same review test. But while one class can access the other cannot, I have to open the class and update the test so those students may have access, at which point the review tests disappear from the prior class.

I tried creating a second set of duplicate tests in another folder, and redirecting the second class here, but when I do I get "ghost" tests popping up, e.g.,

Class one has test "Review 1"
Class two has the test "Review 1b"

Everything looks fine for class one, but class two will see:
"Review 1"
"Review 1b"

Even though the only test showing in class two is "Review 1b".

I want students to be able to come into the lab any time to access these reviews, any suggestions?

I have deleted the second class and tried to create a new class, but I get the above "ghost" effect.

I've also tried rebooting...

Thanks for you help.

From the manual
"You can assign the same online test to multiple classes. Simply open another
class file and create an assignment. Point to the same online test when you
create the assignment. Make sure that your studentsí IDs are unique across all
classes. "
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support NP
Posted: Apr 21 2010, 12:54 PM

Each class will have to have its own unique .eot file which must have a different name than the original .eot file if in the same directory when saved.

You can use the same test for each class, just make sure you make a unique .eot for each class and set them up separately. This should avoid the phantom names you are seeing.

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