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Posted by: chugheswaypoint May 7 2010, 08:10 AM
Does anyone know the maximum number of variables that an ExamView question can contain?

I am trying to make a fraction that contains 3 variables with exponents in the numerator and the same 3 variables with possibly different exponents in the denominator. I want to have the students get practice reducing fractions by using the quotient property for exponents.

I want to display the original fraction where the power of 1 does not display the 1 and if a power is 0 then the variable does not display. In order to do this I have to make an equation editor equation for each scenario. I have the ability to program this, but the question will not display because I have exceeded the maximum number of variables.

An example of what I am writing about is: display (in fraction form) a^2b^3c/a^4c^2 where the power on the c in the numerator is 1 and the power on the b in the denominator is 0. The answer would display as b^3/a^2c

I have already made a similar problem. The only difference is that I kept the 0 power shown in the original fraction.

On a side note I want to suggest a format for a number as an "Exponent" format. It would be a variation of the coefficient (1st) format. The exponent format would show -1 as -1 and not show 1. This would make programming any variable with an exponent easier.

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