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Posted by: logilliam Apr 23 2008, 11:42 AM
Is ExamView/FSCreations going to discontinue its online testing at

Posted by: Support KL May 15 2008, 03:36 PM
Unfortunately the ExamView Learning & Test Center will be discontinued as of 1/1/2009. Any active accounts as of December 1st, 2007 were extended to this deadline. An email was sent out in December of this announcement, but we have found that many did not receive it.

We are not currently accepting any new accounts or offering free trial accounts.

At this time we are recommending ANGEL, Blackboard, or WebCT for Internet testing of ExamView content as we explore other options for providing this service in the future.

Posted by: Support DS May 25 2008, 09:36 PM
At this time, the Learning & Test Center is scheduled to be discontinued at the end of 2008.

Posted by: cpearsall Jun 12 2008, 08:50 PM
Why is the online testing center being discontinued? Will there be a replacement??

Posted by: logilliam Jul 29 2008, 06:57 PM
Why has there been no response to cpearsall's post?

Posted by: Support KL Jul 30 2008, 08:47 AM
The service is being discontinued because of declining use. Many instructors have moved to Learning Management Systems, such as Blackboard, WebCT, ANGEL, or Moodle for giving Internet tests.

Out of those options the ExamView integration is strongest with ANGEL.

Posted by: EAmerikaner Aug 17 2008, 10:37 PM
How do we access ANGEL Testing?

I am not able to locate this via "Google".

Thanks for your reply

Posted by: Support DS Aug 17 2008, 11:40 PM
The ANGEL LMS (Learning Management System) is an enterprise solution available from ANGEL Learning (

Posted by: MARKRAUCH Nov 12 2008, 05:07 PM
Is the testing site still set for discontinuation? I have been searching everywhere and can not find anything that is anywhere near to this program. PLEASE reconsider! This is an invaluable service and all of my textbooks in all of my classes correlate to this.

Posted by: Support MP Nov 12 2008, 05:58 PM
Currently we still plan to close down the ExamView testing site. I know this is really inconvenient and I apologize. You will still be able to use the HTML test form hosted on your own websites, if you want, and all the various other web-publishing options (Angel, Blackboard, WebCT/Vista) are still available, as well as LAN-based testing.

You can find information about LAN-based testing in the ExamView help file, under the Index. If you type "LAN" into the search bar, you'll see the article for publishing a LAN test.

I'll foreward your request along, as well.

Posted by: cgooch Dec 13 2008, 07:02 PM
What is everyone using instead of the ExamView Internet Test-hosting site?
I am looking for a solution for novice teachers to use.

Posted by: itprof Dec 31 2008, 03:24 PM
I realize the point is moot, especially on the last day of 2008, but I, for one, am greatly disappointed and inconvenienced by the decision to discontinue Internet-based testing. My small school doesn't use Blackboard or similar services, and the ancient server I'm forced to work with doesn't permit LAN-based testing with recent versions of ExamView and newer test banks.

I can't believe that it would cost an exorbitant amount of money to maintain Internet-based testing. In any case, the decision should not have been made unilaterally.

Posted by: htscience Jan 5 2009, 06:56 PM
I am absolutely disgusted!
Were we going to be told?
What if I have already paid for the services extending beyone 2008?
I just convinced board members at my school board to buy into this feature at our last PD day, and this is how I am finding out it is finished?

Posted by: htscience Jan 5 2009, 07:01 PM
Beats me? I am just finding out about this and I had paid beyond this date. Was loggin in to add another year. Been using this for years and my students depend on it. Poor customer service if I have ever seen it.

Let me know if you find out anything.

Posted by: htscience Jan 5 2009, 07:05 PM
Clearly on-line testing was being used readily based on the numerous responses. Our purchase of the learning series last year was based on the ability to use the site to post on-line tests easily. Your "options" don't seem easy to me.

I've tried the LAN based testing, and there are logistical nightmares readily.

Where are our refunds? Our notice? Our software updates to allow us to as easily post elsewhere?

Posted by: bellecreole Jan 8 2009, 08:40 PM

I am aware that you have dicontinued the ExamView Online Exams, but do you have any more leads to transfer into besides Angel Learning.

I am a Small Business and the $$ for the Angel System is way out of my league. So I am asking if you have any other more affordable leads, yet as user friendly as ExamView was, to suggest.

I am out of options!!
I really depended on you guys for 6 years!!!!
So you can imagine...I am really hurting

Posted by: Support JD Jan 9 2009, 05:51 PM
To avoid any new expense, you can use Moodle, a free, open-source LMS, or you can opt for LAN-based testing hosted on your local area network. Both options would require some setup, but both function well and would be free.

Other LMS's you can opt for in addition to Moodle would be Blackboard, WebCT, and ANGEL.

I hope that helps.

Posted by: Kamman Jun 3 2009, 07:16 PM
I too have bureaucratic nightmares using LAN base. Plus we do not have computers in the classroom while almost all students have computer at home. Internet testing center works best. I really hope Examiview come up with a solution and resume the service.

I tried to the Angel site but I am a computer dummy, and I could not even locat the pricing. Since I am paying it out of my own pocket, pricing is important. Does anyone know of a test hosting site that charge resonable fee and can do the job?


Posted by: Kamman Jun 3 2009, 07:17 PM
How do you use Moodle. I tried, it says that you need to have your school to set up a site for you. Does anyone know how to get to use Moodle on your own?

Posted by: Support LT Jul 28 2009, 09:19 AM
Kamman, I would strongly recommend you contact Moodle about possible uses without going through your school. From what we understand, though, you must have server space and a website to utilize Moodle.

Posted by: robert80 Dec 20 2009, 12:15 PM
Is there any alternative of this test?

Posted by: support NP Dec 28 2009, 10:43 AM
You can use the HTML testing option, which allows you to send the test to students or post it online and then the results are emailed to the instructor. You can also give LAN testing which allows students to take a test anywhere on the LAN. These results can be imported into ExamView Test Manager.

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