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> Getting ExamView Content Into Moodle
Support DS
Posted: May 8 2008, 05:39 PM

ExamView does not yet offer a Moodle-native export format. However, test and question bank questions can be uploaded to a Moodle LMS using another format that is already available.

NOTE: Because Moodle is an open source software package, it is continually evolving through its active community of contributing developers. It is recommended that your Moodle installation is updated to the most recent stable version of the software. For the latest information regarding known issues, recommended work-arounds, and code fixes, check the Using Moodle forums at The forum for the Quiz module under the "Moodle modules - help and discussion" category is especially useful.


1. Build or open a test/question bank in ExamView.

2. From the File menu, choose Export, then Blackboard 6.0 7.0. A save dialog will open.

3. Set the location where you want to save the exported file. Enter a filename, and click the Save button. The question content will be saved as a ".zip" file.

4. Complete the dialog options with any entry. These dialog options are not used by Moodle but are required to complete the export process for Blackboard.

5. Click OK to complete the export. The questions and any images (including equations, which are converted to images) are compressed into a zip file. These images must each be uploaded into Moodle and re-linked to the question separate from uploading the question content.

6. Unzip the file and save the extracted files.

7. From within your Moodle course, navigate to the Edit questions page within the Quizzes section.

8. Select a Category from the pull-down list or create a new category by clicking the
Edit categories button.

9. Click the "Import questions from file" hyperlink from below the "Create new question" pull-down list.

10. Select Blackboard from the File format pull-down list.

IMPORTANT: Do not select either the ExamView or Blackboard V6+ options for the format.

11. Click the Browse button and navigate to the extracted files. Select the res00000.dat file to upload.

12. Click the "Upload this file" button.

13. A summary page of the imported questions will appear. Click the Continue button to complete the import process.


* Images (including equation and graphs converted to images) do not import into Moodle and must be uploaded and re-linked to the questions manually.

* Support for Short Answer, Problem, Essay, Case, and Other ExamView question types requires using Moodle 1.7 or newer. Older versions of Moodle will skip these question types.
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