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Main > PuzzleView > Delete A Group Or Selection Of Words From A Group - How To?

Posted by: Kyle Apr 18 2006, 01:46 PM

Love PuzzleView, I'm just importing my word lists, but I have accidently double imported and saved, and I'm missing this in the Help section.

How do I:

a) delete a group? (beside deleting one word at a time)


b) is there a way to select specific words from a group and delete all at once?

Brilliant app.

Posted by: Catalin Apr 21 2006, 09:58 AM
Currently there is no way to delete multiple words at once, or a whole group. You will need to delete words one by one.

However, to make this easier, you can do the following:
* In the Word List Editor dialog, filter your word list by the group you intend to delete by selecting the group name from the Show: combo box.
* Select one of the words you wish to delete.
* Use the Del keyboard shortcut to trigger the Delete (Trash can) button. If the delete confirmation dialog shows up just press Enter to confirm the action.
* The next word will now become selected so you can just continue to use Del/Enter until all the words have been removed.

This will make deleting a large number of words a little faster.

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