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> Math Symbols Lost Going From ExamView To CPS
Posted: Jan 25 2005, 02:56 PM

When converting ExamView banks with certain math symbols (absolute value, square roots, etc) from .bnk to .xml and then loading them into CPS, we have found that the symbols do not display correctly. I don't know if this is an ExamView problem, a CPS problem or a font problem. Hope someone has a solution.
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Support KL
Posted: Jan 25 2005, 04:28 PM

What version of CPS software are you using? With version 3.4 you no longer need to export ExamView as an XML and then import the XML into CPS.

A quick way to tell whether the XML file is correct is to import the XML file back into ExamView. If the symbols display correctly in ExamView, then it's likely a CPS problem.
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Posted: Jan 25 2005, 04:40 PM

I looked through the CPS manual without finding any references to your problem. I would think that if you are consistent with the font that you are using on your system, that you should not be having any problems.

You might look at what font you used to create the questions in ExamView and then check your default font in CPS.

It could be that you are using two different fonts. The other possibility is that you are creating questions on a computer that does not have the same exact font as the computer you are using with your CPS system; e.g., "Times" is not the same as "Times New Roman."
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