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> Changing Item Banks, Itembanks
Posted: May 14 2008, 09:24 AM

We use our regular itembanks for study guides, but we want the students to learn the material, not just the questions.

1) We have taken our regular itembank and added the phrase "Students of Lonestar High School," to the beginning of our questions. Sometimes we replace the sample names with the name of our school principal. We also change about 10-25% of the answers.

We then save this bank under a different name. We use it to make tests. The result is it is harder for students to just lookup the answer from a study guide. Students often use the beginning phrase to lookup anwsers. This different beginning makes it more difficult to just "look for answers."

2) We also encourage students to make up new questions. We place the students name in parenthesis after the question. Example:

1. What is a unilateral mistake?
a. A mistake with two sides
b. A financial mistake
c. A mistake that one person has made.
d. A many sided mistake

OBJ: 301 Elements of a contract

We mix these questions in with our regular test questions. The students enjoy seeing their questions on a test and it validates their work. The student gives the correct answer when the test is reviewed and gone over. The students write the test in Word and save them as rft. files and put them in the instructors drop box. The teacher collects them all and imports them into ExamView.

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