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> Itembank Wide Variable - Use Narrative
Posted: Feb 23 2009, 03:23 PM

You have students names placed randomly into all the questions in an itembanks by attaching a short narrative to all the questions and defining your variable in your narrative. Perhaps your students will talk more about the question their name is included with, making learning more relevant.

The narrative could contain "Answer each question carefully" or just a hyphen. It does not matter, you use it to copy the variables to each question.

Once the narrative is created and assigned to each question; you have the variable cname and cteach, that can be placed in each question.

choose(rand(11)),, "Helen", "Kelli", "Greg", "Antonio", "Twanda", "Jeanette", "Mary", "Tom", "Ricky", "Nancy", "Sandra")


choose((rand(5)), "Dr. Greg, a visiting professor at Union Pines High School", "Kelli, a teacher at Watts Primary School", "Helen, a computer science consultant and instructor at Prim Senior High School", "Sandra, a professional accountant and teacher at Lee Senior High", "Antonio, Head Coach at Major League Professional All Star Base Camp at High Hill Academy" )

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Posted: Nov 19 2009, 02:50 PM

Cool! I'm going to try that!
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Posted: Dec 4 2009, 05:36 PM

Well, I tried that. I went to my narrative and created a variable numer1 = prime( 2,11), but when I insert it into a new question it displays question marks and tells me that "the variable numer1 is undefined at the narrative level." What am I doing wrong?
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Posted: Dec 30 2009, 01:21 PM

Have you solved the problem yet? I tired exactly what you have and it worked as it should: the prime number generated in the narrative was passed into the question.

I was able to generate the "??" after disconnecting the question from the narrative, but I was unable to have the error message "the variable numer1 is undefined at the narrative level" appear. Is there a error diagnostic setting that I am unaware of?

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