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Posted by: Kyle Apr 21 2006, 01:28 PM
I'm loving this app, and I'm already looking forward to version 2.

Some features that would be nice to include in future revisions:

1. Greek alphabet (alpha, beta, characters, upper and lower case)
2. Export word list (tab delineated)
3. Linking to one image (similar to ExamView), so one image, say of a cell with various parts to Id.
4. Sort word list by image
5. Delete group
6. Copy group (to paste into another word list, else export word list by group to re-import)
7. Delete multiple words from a group
8. Add audio support (e.g., for words read in a foreign language, pronuciation/spelling practice, or identification of a heart murmur...)

I'm just having too much fun here...

Posted by: Kyle Jun 1 2006, 09:37 AM
Greedy aren't I ;o)

1. Subscript and superscript support within the clue section, (e.g., H+ for Hyrdogen ion)

2. Support for animated gifs and .swf files (movie clips).

3. Remove the 40 word limit from the Jumble (I seem to always just be over 40 and have to split a single topics vocabulary list, okay for the Crossword, but the kids seem to like one big list they can print out and/or view on line.)

4. Add merge word lists (or add some more options for import/export of .pvl files)

Great app, my kids love it.

Posted by: eIFSC Support SR Aug 14 2006, 10:07 AM
Kyle, Thanks for the good version 2 suggestions. I'm glad that you, and your students, are enjoying PuzzleView. I will add your suggestions to our product feedback database. We review this database before developing new versions of our products.

Please continue to send feedback as you use the product. It helps us create products that meet your classroom needs.

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