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> Not All Responses Are Not Being Received
Support KL
Posted: Nov 4 2003, 02:33 PM

Some or all responses from the response pads are not being received.
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Support KL
Posted: Nov 4 2003, 02:36 PM

The more pads that are responding to a question at one time, the higher the probability there is of the signals getting "bottlenecked" at the receiver unit and some responses not being recorded. For example, true-false questions tend to be easier to answer than short-answer or multiple-choice questions. As a result, true-false questions are often answered more quickly than other question types and bottlenecking may occur at the receiver unit. If this happens follow these tips:
  • Set the receiver unit in a place where no physical obstructions can interfere with the transmission of infrared signals.
  • Check to make sure your COM port setting corresponds with where the receiver unit is plugged into the back of your computer. Go to the Preferences to set the COM port.
  • Have your students press the answer button multiple times.
  • Communicate to students the need to point their response pads directly at the receiver unit.

If these steps do not resolve your problem, turn on the response grid and determine which response pad is not functioning properly. You may need to insert new batteries into the response pad.

Also be aware that previously used infrared devices and any PDA (such as a Palm Pilot) that has been connected to your system may be occupying the COM port and making it unavailable for use. Please disable the software associated with any infrared or PDA device.
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