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Posted by: London Reif Nov 20 2003, 04:41 PM
If I make a test in ExamView that has graphics or figures that go along with the MC questions how do I get those graphics to show up in the CPS lesson?

Posted by: Support KL Nov 20 2003, 05:04 PM
If the graphic is actually within the individual question it should import in with the rest of the question. But if the image is connected to the question as a narrative it will not display on the CPS system.

Note: CPS currently only supports multiple-choice questions with 5 or less answer options, and T/F-Y/N questions. Other question types (short answer, essay, matching, etc.) will be given ‘marker’ questions in CPS with their question stems included (matching questions will only say “matching question” as the question stem) and be imported with a T/F template (narrative images and text are currently not supported by CPS and will not be shown even as a ‘marker’ question. this may cause the questions that refer to them to be incoherent). Additionally, CPS will only import .BMP and .JPG image files for question and answer stems. All other images file types (ie. .PCT, .TIF, .WMF, equation editor, etc.) are currently not supported by CPS and will not be imported.

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