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> Using Student's Email Addresses To Return Graded Tests, html code
Posted: Apr 16 2009, 04:10 PM


I use ExamView Test Generator that was provided by Pearson Education when we
adopted Seeds’ Foundations of Astronomy from Cengage Publishing. I use it to
generate html tests that I put on my website for use in our college astronomy
Internet courses. I set the tests up to be graded by where
the students only see their grade while I get a detailed report.

I really like this software; however, there is something I would like to know.
When the detailed report is sent to me, I record the grades – however, I would
like to click ‘Reply’ and send the graded tests to the students so they may see
what they missed. Here is my question:

Is there some code I could add to my tests such that when the detailed report is
sent to me, that the email address entered by the student can be identified as
the ‘reply address’ so when I click ‘Reply’, Outlook Express will automatically
use the student’s email address they entered as the reply address?

I now can cut’n paste each student’s email address from the detailed report into
the ‘To’ field, but due to high enrollment, that is too daunting of a task to
repeat. I have – long ago – come across some code I use in my online forms that
uses the entered email address as the reply address, but I wanted to see what
you would suggest.
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