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Posted by: Lois Nov 14 2004, 04:47 PM
I just stumbled across the Quiz Show/MindPoint site on the web and it excites me. Could you clarify my understanding of this? Are Quiz Show and MindPoint two names for the same thing? I can use Quiz Show to let students practice math skills through a game format. It is run by ExamView (which I do have from our new textbook adoption--version 4.0). And because it is run by Exam View, then I can use Exam View's bank of questions? Are there other questions already created that can be used on Quiz Show? I saw that the two math subjects I teach (Algebra I and Pre-Algebra by Glencoe) have MindPoint for sale on the online store page. Does MindPoint need to be purchased for EACH subject or can it be purchased once and used for any subjects that also have Exam View (we are getting ready to adopt a new science book that will probably have Exam View and I also teach science so this would make 3 subjects I teach with Exam View with them). My school also owns a 30-set of Classroom Performance System. It was purchased during the 2003-2004 school year. I do not know what version it is but I heard they have an update out which we don't yet have. Does Quiz Show work on any version of the CPS? Finally, is my thinking clear--I create a test in Exam View using their test banks, I export it into the Quiz Show, and then I export it over into CPS so the students can use the response pads?

Posted by: lawapo Nov 16 2004, 03:16 PM
From CPS website you can download a free update. CPS allows you to import ExamView Directly into the CPS program.

The new CPS manual, you can dowload it, explains how to use it.

QuizShow is a MindPoint product which is an FSCreations Company. If you buy a product from FSCreations, the licensing is usually different than if you get it from a textbook company usually.

ExamView from Glencoe for a particular Algebra I book may be only licensed for that one book/class. Most people aren't reading the fine print closely enough.

I suggest you read your license agreements carefully to see what rights for use you have.

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