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> Uploading To WebCT Changes Order Of MC Answers
Posted: Jun 11 2008, 06:09 PM

I am still having the problem I brought up not long ago. When I upload an EV test to Web CT, the ordering of the answer choices changes, as does the correct answer. For example, when I print out an EV test for my on campus classes, MC answers appear in a particular order. The correct answer will be, for example, C. When I upload the same test to my online course in Web CT, the ordering of the answer choices changes. Now the correct answer has been changed to, for example, A. It is still the correct answer. It's just that the correct answer appears as answer C when the test is printed, and it appears as A when the test is uploaded to Web CT. This makes for some very confusing problems for me. When a student emails me asking about a particular online test question, I can't just respond by looking at a Word version of the test which is easy to get to on my computer. Instead, I have to go online, log onto my online course, find the test, then search for the particular question so I can find the letter for the correct answer.

I've got the latest version of EV. I had this same problem with the previous version. What can I do?
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Posted: Jun 11 2008, 10:12 PM

Assuming that you have ExamView 6.2 or newer, the questions should be published/exported into WebCT exactly as they appear in the ExamView file and your hard copy. The reason your students are seeing the questions choices scrambled is because the WebCT setting "Randomize answer ordering" must be set to "Yes" for these items.

Questions are translated from ExamView to WebCT as faithfully as possible, and this includes the question settings. Check the question in ExamView by double-clicking the question to bring it up in the Question Edit window. Look at the Scramble combo-box control in the lower right of the dialog. If the the Scramble option is set to "All" it will import into WebCT with the "Randomize answer ordering" set to "Yes." If it is set to ANYTHING else ("None", "a-b", etc.) the WebCT option will be set to "No."

If you do not want the WebCT answer choices to randomize, you will either need to adjust this option in ExamView before you export/publish to WebCT or you will need to do it in WebCT after you get your items into your course.
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