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> Step By Step Importing Instructions
Support KL
Posted: Oct 29 2003, 09:52 AM

1) Open test in RTF format
2) Label question type (MULTIPLE CHOICE), (TRUE/FALSE). Questions must be group under correct label.
3) Insert answer code (ANS: A) for each question. Set Narratives when using the same item for multiple questions (NARRBEGIN: Table 1 Table 1 NARREND) Mark questions using narrative (NAR: Table 1) Include other question information such as difficulty level (DIF: easy) or text objective (OBJ: 2-1). A multiple choice questions should look like this:


1. The study of standards for what is right and what is wrong is called _____.
a. pure science
b. applied science
c. ethics
d. technology

ANS: C NAR: Table 1 DIF: B OBJ: 2-4

2. Technology has allowed humans to produce more food and reduce the chance of starvation by individuals in some countries. How has this advance created additional problems?
a. The technology has allowed populations to continue to grow, creating the need for additional food.
b. The technology caused salts to be deposited in soils.
c. The technology caused the false belief that the problem was solved forever.
d! All of these. (Use the exclamation instead of a period to lock an option.)

ANS: A DIF: B OBJ: 2-4

All keywords and there meaning can be found in the EV Import Utilities help files.

4) Save test when formatting is complete.
5) Close RTF document. (Final import process will be aborted if file is still open by another application.)
6) Open the EV Import Utility.
7) After reading opening comments click Next.
8) Locate your rtf file. If you are having problems locating the proper drive please review the following post on our support forum:
9) Once your have located your rtf document Highlight and click Select.
10) Choose location where you want to the newly imported file located. You can change this from the default setting by clicking the bottom yellow folder icon and locating the folder were you want the newly imported question bank located, and then click Next.
11) In step 2 choose desired preferences and click Next.
12) In step 3 you can choose the font and answer style for future questions created in this question bank, click Next.
13) In step 4 you can edit the Keywords used to format the test if they differ from the default settings, click Next.
14) Step 5, click Finish to complete the import process.

If the test was formatted properly you should see a final page confirming the import which should look similar to this:

Reading Sample Bank.rtf
Questions: 34, TF (2), MTF (2), MC (3), CO (3), MA (20), SA (2), PR (2)
Narratives: 3, Table 2-2, Steps 2-1, Table 2-1
Matching Groups: 2
Saving Sample Bank.bnk

Total Questions: 34, TF (2), MTF (2), MC (3), CO (3), MA (20), SA (2), PR (2)

Import completed.

Open ExamView Pro and create your test with your newly imported question bank.
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Joe Peng
Posted: Feb 17 2004, 05:59 AM

I read your comments regarding using the exclamation mark, such as "d! All of these. (Use the exclamation instead of a period to lock an option.)" I am wondering if I may use it if one of my original answer choice is "none of the above", i.e., "d! None of the above." Alternatively, if I have two answer choices, one is "d. All of the above" and another one is "e. None of the above", could I import the question along with the existing answer choices as it is? Thanks.
Support KL
Posted: Feb 17 2004, 08:48 AM

Yes, you can include both all of the above and none of the above as long as your answer choices do not total more than 5. The locking feature just keeps that answer choice from being scrambled if you choose to scramble multiple choice answers.
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Joe Peng
Posted: Feb 18 2004, 02:18 PM

For some of my questions that I made with Word, the information used to answer these questions is the same, i.e., four or five questions may be answered with the same information given. After I convert the Word document to an EV test bank, if I want to sramble the test, is there any way that I can make sure that the group of questions that rely on the same information will still be grouped together after each scrambling? Thanks.
Support KL
Posted: Feb 18 2004, 02:27 PM

This is where you use the Narrative Command. First you set up your narrative:

NARRBEGIN: Name of Narrative

Image, table, text, ect.


That creates a narative which you can assign to multiple questions. To include it in a question you would ad the NAR to the same line as the answer i.e.
ANS:C DIF:A OBJ:2-1 NAR:Name of Narrative

The help in the EVImport Utility has a sample test demonstrating this with a table. Same would work replacing the table with an image.
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Joe Peng
Posted: Feb 20 2004, 07:20 AM

I was able to convert a test that I had created in Word into an EV test file, and thanks. I have a question though. If I wanted to import some "narratives", i.e., some texts, within a test, but these texts are not used in any question of the test, would the EV Import Utility be able to accommadate that?

Second, I made some minor changes to the test after it had been imported to EV, however, when I tried to save the changes, it says that "the testbank was created with EV 3.0/3.5, you would not be able to view it with older version of the EV if you save it in a newer version." I downloaded the EV Import Utility from your website several days ago, is it supposed to be a newer version of the Utility available?

Support KL
Posted: Feb 20 2004, 09:43 AM

The newest version of the Import Utility is what you downloaded. We have not updated to Import Utility to import only 4.0 test files at this time because there are still too many users still using 3.0, 3.5, and 3.6 versions.

You can include Narratives which are not connected to any questions on the test, but you will not be able to view any of the text included in the Narratives on a test unless they are attached to a question.
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Joe Peng
Posted: Feb 23 2004, 04:48 AM

Thank you for the response. I tried to view these narratives that are not used in any question in "TestBank Editor"(?, not sure about the term), but I was not able to view them either. So, does it sound like that I will need to export the whole test bank back to Word and view them? Thanks.
Support KL
Posted: Feb 23 2004, 09:05 AM

In Question Editor Mode, click the Narrative button to display all narratives in the test. Highlight the narrative you want to view and click Edit. You should then be able to view the narrative.
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Posted: Mar 28 2007, 10:42 AM

What is the format for putting two Narratives in one problem?

For example:

ANS: B NAR: Table 2-1, Table 2-2

or maybe?

ANS: B NAR: Table 2-1 NAR:Table 2-2

I have tried a couple of formats, but I decided just to ask for help instead of trying to guess.
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Support QA
Posted: Mar 28 2007, 04:59 PM

Each question can only be linked to one narrative.
Posted: Nov 6 2007, 01:27 AM

how can i lock an option like choice d! while im in the question bank or test bank or quick wiz mode.
PMEmail Poster
Posted: Feb 9 2010, 11:40 PM

we have the same problem.i agree with you
PMEmail Poster
Posted: Mar 14 2010, 10:36 PM

You used to have a .rtf file available with sample questions. Is this still available and if so, can you post it? I found it to be the best way to import. I would just paste over the questions and everything was formatted correctly. Until you complete the import for Mac, I can use this method and find someone with a PC to help me convert.
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support NP
Posted: Mar 15 2010, 10:53 AM

Here is the sample RTF. Change the file extension from .bnk to .rtf.

Attached File ( Number of downloads: 6195 )
Attached File  Sample_Bank.bnk
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