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Posted by: cds13us Jul 27 2010, 01:19 PM

I saw a post by Support NT about a dynamic content manual?

I'm using ExamView 6.2.1 and I'm writing questions with the software. I have encountered a couple of problems and I'm looking for ideas... and an dynamic content manual.

First off, when using variables, if I switch the FORMAT to "coefficient" so that a sign will be displayed (+) when positive, and (-) when negative, I encounter a problem when the solution works out to +1 or -1, because in coefficient mode, it just displays + or -...

I like using coefficient mode because it allows me to set the range as both positive and negative numbers, however then it creates problems in displaying the 1's.

Is there any FORMAT that will display BOTH the sign and ALL answers, including 1 or -1?

I don't want to use NUMBER format because it won't insert any sign if the numbers selected are +. Sure, I can put a sign in myself, but then, if the number chosen is (-), the question would display double signs as 5x+(-3)x all the time instead of 5x - 3x

Is there any way to correct this, or is this an algorithm glitch?


Posted by: support NP Jul 29 2010, 10:29 AM
Hello. We don't troubleshoot issues with dynamic content as the process is extremely complicated. However, I have emailed you the dynamic content training manual which may give you insight into your issue. Thank you.

Posted by: P.Johnson Aug 26 2010, 02:14 PM
I am looking for the Dynamic Content Training Manual, too. Several posts in this forum suggest calling tech support at 888-333-4988 to ask for it, but when I tried to do that, I connected to an answering machine that wanted me to enter a "numeric message" and then gave me about 5 seconds to do it.

would it be possible to have someone send me the manual to the email address listed for my username?


Paul Johnson
Math/Computer Instructor
Glenwood High School
Glenwood, IA

Posted by: support NP Aug 30 2010, 03:56 PM
I have sent you the manual.

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